WATCH: The 12 Gayest Holiday Spectaculars Ever!

For your holiday pleasure, we've assembled the most incredibly campy Christmas TV shows ever aired.

BY Christopher Harrity

December 09 2013 8:00 AM ET

5. The Lawrence Welk Christmas Show (1966)
Here's a party game: Take a drink, turn this on, see how many drinks you need to keep slamming just to endure it all. This is a Christmas show only for really hard-core camp followers. If you are not on John Waters's Christmas card list, you probably can't hang on long.

(A note for after you've finished: How far did you get? What's your blood-alcohol level? Lucky for you, we have the spiritual insulin for the above clip. Simply click on this link and the room will stop spinning. Also, please pull over if you are driving.)

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