All the Queen's Men

New York's current governor is blind, and its previous governor resigned amid a call-girl scandal. But did you know that one of its earliest, Lord Cornbury, is rumored to have been a cross-dresser and was more than likely gay?



LORD CORNBURY: David Greenspan (Lord Cornbury) X390 (GUSTAVO MONROY) | ADVOCATE.COM

Hoffman cowrote
the play with the late Anthony Holland in the mid 1970s,
but Theatre Askew’s spritely production marks its
first professional staging. Founded in 2004 by Cusack
and Jason Jacobs, the company calls itself “New
York’s premiere producer of queer theater” and
has the collateral to secure such bragging rights.
Productions have twice been nominated for GLAAD Media
Awards and include Bald Diva! a
reinterpretation of Ionesco’s absurdist The Bald
with gay couples set in materialist
Chelsea, and i google myself, a dark work about
the Internet and sexual obsession.

Hoffman, best known for As Is, the first
Broadway play to deal with AIDS, and the libretto for the
Metropolitan Opera’s The Ghosts of
, says he and Holland wrote the play because
they “were pissed off no one was celebrating
anything gay for the bicentennial, so wise asses that
we were, we figured we would do a great American unknown

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