Seat Filler: NYC Theater Guide for December 2009

The Advocate’s queen on the NYC theater scene uses his gift receipt to exchange seasonal solo shows for inner-city lesbian tragedy, scenery-chewing divas, Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s muscles, and Broadway’s first high-powered prostate massage.

BY Brandon Voss

December 16 2009 9:10 AM ET



There was no time for more holiday fluff what with gay dramas promising full-frontal nudity like Loaded, which is raising loaded questions about modern gay relationships at the Lion Theater through January 23. Tom Ford might call it “universal,” but Loaded — which finds out what happens when online f-buddies stop having sex and start getting real — is as gay as it gets. Playing the 47-year-old daddy is gay actor Kevin Spirtas, best known as Dr. Craig Wesley on Days of Our Lives and as Hugh Jackman’s standby in The Boy From Oz, and straighty Scott Kerns plays his 24-year-old trick. Both characters are HIV-positive and annoying. Out playwright Elliot Ramón Potts may’ve bitten off more than he could chew with his first play, but I won’t disparage it, especially since we’ve all met “douchefags” (thanks, Details!) just like the ones he created.


One of my favorite gay characters ever can be found in Melissa James Gibson’s wise and wickedly wordy This, which extended through January 3 at Playwrights Horizons after The New York Times called it “the best new play to open off-Broadway this fall.” Replacing the lyme disease-suffering Parker Posey, Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Julianne Nicholson stars as Jane, a struggling widow and mom. Her circle of old college pals includes her alcoholic gay confidant Alan, played to eccentric perfection by Dirty Sexy Money’s Glenn Fitzgerald. “I’ve always wanted to be the woman gay men would want to have sex with if they wanted to have sex with women and weren’t gay,” Jane tells Alan, who sums himself up as “subversive by impulse but lazy by nature.” Louis Cancelmi, who played gay in Craig Lucas’s The Singing Forest, costars as a bisexual Frenchman.

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