Broadway Bares 2012: The Solo Strips

Broadway Bares 2012: The Solo Strips

The Broadway Bares performers make raising money for Equity Fights AIDS so much fun you might feel a little guilty. But pony up folks, that dollar bill you tuck in that special place is going to help people in need.

Solo Strips harkens back to the Broadway Bares roots, when creator and executive producer Jerry Mitchell organized a benefit burlesque show featuring himself and six friends performing original strips at a bar for a $10 donation plus whatever tips the audience gave the dancers. Solo Strips is a lead-up event to the big show, Broadway Bares, on June 17, and this year's Broadway Bares theme is Happy Endings — the fairy tale kind.

Pictured on the following pages are the featured dancers for this year's event to be held May 6 at XL Club. For more information: 


Robb ShermanX560

Robb Sherman

Andy MillsX560

Andy Mills

Brandon RubendallX560

Brandon Rubendall

Cesar AbreuX560

Cesar Abreu

Grasan KingsberryX560

Grasan Kingsberry

Josh BuscherX560

Josh Buscher

Sam CahnX560

Sam Cahn

Nick KenkelX560

Nick Kenkel

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