#TBT: The 12 Campiest Songs Ever Recorded

Dark purple camp, from the golden age of homosexuality. All right, millennials — learn this!



These were the songs that struggling young drag performers lip-synched to in dank gay bars and cabarets. These were the songs that stood in for declarations of your desire for same-sex passion. These were the songs we drank to, laughed at, and often called our own. Share your favorites in the comments section below.

Beatrice Lillie: "There's a Faerie in the Bottom of My Garden," 1924
Lady Peel, as she was known to her many homosexual admirers, Noël Coward among them, was the queen of drop-dead dry delivery. Everyone knew the double and triple entendres foisted here.

Johnnie Ray: "Cry," 1951
Johhnie Ray was a beautiful disaster. Drinking and drugging buddy of Judy Garland (he was the best man at her last wedding to gay man, Mickey Deans), he was a bundle of raw emotions and delirium tremens, but what a delivery.

June Christy: "Something Cool," 1954
The best alcoholic anthem ever about delusions of grandeur and promiscuity.

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