Op-ed: The 6 Straight Women That Gay Men Should Avoid

There's no doubt that many straight women and gay men have a special bond. But sometimes the chemistry is less cohesive and more explosive.



Sobbing Samantha
This gloomy girl only ventures out to the gay bars when her latest love has grown tired of her gray cloud. It would be one thing for this sad hat to stay at home with one or two of her closest gay best friends and cry over a bottle of white zinfandel. But no, she feels the need to put on a pair of heels and invite everyone in town to her pity party. It’s the classic bait and switch. She suckers her prey in with a smile and a shot, only to launch into the epically boring story about how her love life is in shambles. In the first five minutes, that homo she is latched onto may find sympathy for this emotional wreck. But 15 minutes later, it’s apparent to everyone in the bar as to why Sobbing Samantha is newly single … again.

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