Aug Sept 2016
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20 Proven Ways to Get Young People to Talk HIV

Our friends over at the Stigma Project, a small organization that releases social media–friendly messages around HIV, has definitely had a big impact (more than 3 million people around the world have seen at least one of its images). Now the group is hosting its first official fundraiser this month in Los Angeles (get tickets or donate here), and so we're looking back at its success so far.

Stigma Project graphics consistently go viral on social media outlets, thanks to a strategy that blend new media and pop culture. Just how viral? Here are its 20 most successful ads and the number of Facebook users each as reached:

1 TSP CheatSheet1

1. Cheat Sheet #1: HIV vs. AIDS
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached:  437,094


2 TSP 1984

2. We’re Not in 1984 Anymore, Toto
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached: 361,901


3 TSP CheatSheet2

3. Cheat Sheet #2: HIV Disclosure Etiquette
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached:  324,331


4 TSP Sharp

4. Stand Strong With Sharp
Campaign: N/A
Reached: 252,195


5 TSP IAMNeutral

5. I Am HIV Neutral
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached:  183,963

6 TSP CheatSheet3

6. Cheat Sheet #3: Dating Profiles & HIV
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached: 178,958


7 TSP ThinkDifferent

7. Think Different
Campaign: Think Different
Reached: 114, 950


8 TSP IAmHIVPositive

8. I Am HIV Positive
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached: 108,147


9 TSP BubblePop

9. 44 Percent of Gay or Bisexual Men (Bubble Pop)
Campaign: N/A
Reached: 99,718


10 TSP KeepCalm

10. Keep Calm and Talk About HIV
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached: 82,047

11 TSP MrClean

11. Mr. Clean & Positive
Campaign: World War: HIV
Reached: 79,104


12 TSP Elephant

12. Remove the Elephant
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached: 57,458


13 TSP Elephant2013

13. Elephant Removal Required
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached: 43,634


14 TSP FullBlown

14. Full Blown
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached: 42,938


15 TSP Evolve

15. Evolve
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached: 41,947

16 TSP HIVToday

16. HIV Today (Infographic)
Campaign: N/A
Reached: 39,426


17. PARTNER Study Progress Report (Infographic)
Campaign: N/A
Reached: 37,993


18 TSP KissMe

18. Kiss Me, I’m Positive
Campaign: Live HIV Neutral
Reached: 37,745


19 TSP HIVTalk

19. HIV Talk
Campaign: HIV Talk
Reached: 28,185


20 TSP GotPrEP

20. Got PrEP?
Campaign: Think Different
Reached: 27,279
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