Calif. Theology Univ. Makes Gay Friendly Mini-Movie

BY Neal Broverman

October 21 2011 2:25 PM ET

California's Claremont School of Theology recently made a gay-positive short film with a message that homosexuality and religion need not be mutually exclusive.

The film, Beyond Inclusion: Sexual Diversity and Claremont School of Theology, was compiled by television producer and CST alumna Brenda Bos. It features school faculty and professors talking about the inclusion of queer people into mainstream religion.

“I've long been convinced that Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Lincoln University could be very attractive to queer students, many of whom have a desire for spiritual exploration, but have been disenfranchised for so long and have no idea where to turn,” Carleen Mandolfo, an out professor at CST, said regarding the impetus for the video. Watch it below.

Beyond Inclusion: Sexual Diversity and Claremont School of Theology from Claremont on Vimeo.

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