Bronx LGBT Center Moves Into Ruben Diaz Building



BRONX CENTER X560 01 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COMThe center will make its move official Wednesday with a ribbon-cutting
ceremony led by Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr., who helped it
secure the new space and has enjoyed warmer relations with the LGBT community  than his father. Diaz Sr. will be in Albany for a special
session of the legislature and is not expected to attend, according to a
spokeswoman. The center also plans to host an open house and an
interdenominational blessing of the space by local clergy later this

While Diaz Sr. acknowledges having gay relatives, including
brothers and a granddaughter, in addition to being friends with gay
political aides, he was the only Democratic senator to vote against the
marriage equality bill that passed the Republican-controlled Senate in
June. He also blocked the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act from
advancing in committee in 2010.

On the other hand, Diaz Sr.
voted in 2010 for the Dignity for All Students Act, an antibullying law
that was the first in New York State to reference gender identity and
expression. He and gay state senator Tom Duane were the
only two Democratic senators to oppose the austerity budget proposed by
Gov. Andrew Cuomo this year. Critics said the plan would hurt some
of the state’s most vulnerable groups, such as LGBT youths and poor New

“In some ways, he’s a natural ally,” said McCall of
Diaz Sr. “Economic justice is a huge concern. People want jobs and a
living wage and to be able to live with their partners free of
discrimination, so housing issues are important.” Name changes for
transgender clients, access to safe health care and HIV testing, and
intervention programs also dominate the list of needs
in the majority Hispanic borough, which has some of the country’s least affluent

Senator Diaz issued a statement
last month that suggested he felt more flattered than irritated by the
move. He welcomed the center’s relocation as a sign of revitalization in
the Bronx, an improvement for which he took ample credit.

I learned that a group called Bronx Pride decided to seize the
opportunity and benefit from the work I've done for our community, and
move to one of the buildings which I helped to build, how could I have
any reason to become annoyed as many have wanted to see happen,” he
said. “Quite the contrary, this has caused me to rejoice and feel
happiness because what Bronx Pride is saying with this move is that my
work is good and that the housing that I helped to create is
sufficiently comfortable and livable for them to come and occupy.”

fact that a group of gays and lesbians occupy space in the Ruben Diaz
Gardens is a testimony to let others know that the Bronx is open to
merchants and businesses,” he said. “It’s a safe place and people should
invest and continue renting in buildings with good reputations and in
buildings that elected officials have been instrumental in bringing to
the community!”

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