The 5 Fugliest Diaper Bags

Becoming a parent brings many new and exciting purchases. For whatever reason, diaper bags aren't one of them. The selection is awful at best, but I've whittled it down to the top five that make my stomach turn.



These are just a sampling of the beasts that grace the world of diaper bags. The available bags designed for men are just as miserable (but, thankfully, not as colorful). I was so emotionally traumatized that I just went with a simple black nylon quilted Prada messenger bag, which ended up being absolutely perfect. It was simple and had a single zip pocket on the outside and a flap. The whole thing fit beautifully on the handle of my Bugaboo stroller, and it matched everything I would wear. Yes, it's true — until people start designing more diaper bags geared toward men, the messenger bag is the way to go, Prada or not.

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