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WILLAM BELLI 5 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMThat last quote is from Rent, which uses the word tranny when Angel is eulogized. I guess it’s too late to protest Rent, so maybe the Tran Coulters can fill GLAAD’s in-box with complaints about the popular club Trannyshack? Should GLAAD bring the Internet petition hammer down on the University of Kansas for presenting a panel of trans speakers billed as “Tranny Talk”? It would definitely get all Clash of the Titans should GLAAD take on The Advocate, which quoted Sarah Silverman as saying that when she tries to dress up, she looks “like a tranny,” just for printing the t word.

Do you hate all those things, Tran Coulter? If you actually think those things are harmful, I’m guessing certain episodes of Winnie-the-Pooh may offend you too. All the love that went into making TOTWK is directly juxtaposed by the vitriol the film is facing from protests. We may not win an Oscar, but the film will certainly do more good than harm. Exposure leads to education.

Words only have the power they’re given, right? If that’s true, I need to address something that can sting way more than Times New Roman font. The Tran Coulter leader said she would protest the TOTWK premiere and could be identified because she’d be the “one throwing eggs.” Classy, right? Especially for someone who organized a protest that assembled a scant 10 people.

This is just a warning. If anyone throws eggs at me or my costars, there will be a smack-down. We might have eggs in our purses too. Some hard-boiled to bruise, and others uncooked to eff up your outfit. That would definitely make the 11 o’clock news. A tranny egg fight! It’ll be like a sequel ... or maybe a Tranquel.

Willam Belli

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