Aug Sept 2016
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PHOTOS: It's About More Than Marriage

Argyosx633 0

Above: Christopher Argyros — NY needs trans justice #morethanmarriage

With marriage once again legal for same-sex couples in California and DOMA defeated, the LGBT community has much to celebrate as Pride month comes to a close. Nevertheless, a growing photo campaign from the Transgender Law Center reminds us that the battle for full equality is far from over and is about much more than marriage.

#morethanmarriage is a community-based campaign that aims to raise awareness of the issues we still need to address such as, immigration, bullying, health care access, family rights, employment, and more.

Take a look at the following photos of those who have already added their voice to the growing movement and then join the cause by sharing your own photo and message on Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #morethanmarriage.  Visit to learn more about how you can help make a difference.

See more photos from the campaign on the following pages.

Celia Chungx633 0

Celia Chung - Stop stigmatizing trans people of color. #morethanmarriage


Delgadillox633 0

No more bullying. Students need safety! #morethanmarriage


John Barex633 0

John Bare - I support #morethanmarriage

Kalrax633 0

Human Rights Now! #morethanmarriage


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We Are #morethanmarriage


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#morethanmarriage Trans-inclusive Full Equality Now!!

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Paige Harris - We Are #morethanmarriage

Sandeenx633 0

Autumn Sandeen supports open military service for trans American citizens. #morethanmarriage.