What prompted you to take things to the next level, so to speak, with The B. Scott Show?
starters, there are a lot of people on YouTube who have seen my old
videos and who are now mimicking me. Also, I’ve been in talks with
various TV production companies for some time — we’ve been going back and
forth and back and forth — and I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m
like, “I have the audience, I have my ‘love muffins’ [fans], why
don’t I just go ahead and do it now?”

So you’ve been considering making the leap to television for a while?
could have been on TV two years ago — if I had agreed to be the next Tila
Tequila. That was presented to me and I said no, because I have
respect for myself. Of course, there was a part of me that wondered,
Am I making the right decision? I would have been on TV, after all,
and I knew I might not get another opportunity. But I know that if I
had said yes it would have ended my career. I don’t think anyone
would have been able to take me seriously again after something like

One thing I like about you is that you’re always so
positive. Is that just who you are, or is it a calculated way of
differentiating yourself from other celebrity commentators and

Well, there’s so much negativity out there,
especially amongst the gays. We’re so often put in the position of
critiquing other people — that’s what a lot of people expect from our
community — and I want to represent something else. I want to be a breath
of fresh air. I also feel like the negativity card isn’t one that I
have to play. I think a lot of people play that card because they have
to — they don’t have anything else to offer, they don’t have any other
talent than the talent for breaking someone down.

Do you think
your positive attitude helps people get over any unease they might
normally feel toward someone who is gender non-conforming?

sure a lot of people don’t know what to think when they first see me.
Some probably think I’m transgender, some probably wonder if I’m gay or
straight. Some probably wonder, What race is he? I’ve always been
up-front about who I am and I’ve always been proud of who I am, though,
and I think a lot of people respond to that and respect that. Although
most of my fans are females and gay guys, a lot of straight guys like
me too. They come up to me all the time and say, “My girlfriend showed
me one of your videos. At first I was like ... but you’re funny. I like
your stuff!”

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