Reasons for Pride in 2012, Part 2

Straight guys are joining our fight and we're texting Hillary. Here's 18 more Reasons to Have Pride.



AMERICA'S MOST UNWANTED X300 | ADVOCATE.COMBecause our kids may soon have homes

As a high school senior, Teruko Dobashi wrote to the University of California, Berkeley, admissions panel, “My definition of hell is a place called home. School and work are shelters from storms and situations I can’t face.” Now she’s one of three LGBT former foster care youths featured in lesbian filmmaker Shani Heckman’s self-funded final piece for her MFA from San Francisco State University, the documentary America’s Most Unwanted. Heckman, who was also once in foster care, takes a peek into the lives of Dobashi, Savi Roderick-Deffee, and Connor Baba during their first four years of “aging out” of the system.