Ted Allen Dines Out for Life

Ted Allen's love of food and wine made him a household name. Now he's putting that passion to good use and fighting HIV/AIDS as the spokesman for Dining Out for Life.




Moreover, Dining Out for Life seems to form a symbiotic relationship between the restaurant community and those of us who care about fighting HIV/AIDS that lasts well beyond this one night, wouldn't you agree?I think you're absolutely right. I think it just cements the relationship between the customers and the restaurant emotionally. If you're the type of person who cares about HIV/AIDS and you learn there's a restaurant in your community that shares that concern, which we should all have and I think we do, then it's only natural that we appreciate the businesses that participate in the community and give back to the community. Of course, they have to have good food!

Is this your first year as spokesman for Dining Out for Life?It's my second year, so I must not have screwed it up too much the first time.

So where will you be dining out this April 30? Or will you be hitting a number of places?I haven't quite decided yet. I think what Barry [my partner] and I are gonna do is go down to Philadelphia. The charity was founded in Philadelphia, and we were thinking of taking the train down to Philly and doing something in the city where this all started. But we haven't picked our restaurants yet. It might be kind of fun to bounce around and do more than one -- that's a good idea.

Well you're the spokesman, so I'm sure the restaurants would welcome you with open arms if you decided to make several pit stops over the course of the evening.Hey, gotta represent.

Gotta represent indeed.