So please consider
being a part of our effort. Anyone is welcome to join our team. We have
the most fun of any team on the walk; I’m not going to lie. You’ll meet
some amazing people and make new friends that you will have for life.

you can’t walk with us, then please consider donating. We are the
ultimate grassroots team -- no corporate funding, just a bunch of guys
and girls reaching out to their friends and family.

And do you know
the big lesson that I have learned in the past few years? That I belong
to the most amazing community in the world, and that all you have to do
is ask. So, I’m asking.

Walk with us. Help us reach our $125,000 goal.

And since I think that the people who donate are the coolest people on the
planet…here’s an incentive for sponsors in Los Angeles. If you donate $150 to my page, you will be on my VIP list for my weekly events
during the upcoming year. Charitable giving is the only guarantee of
staying on my list for the whole year.

Click here to donate. I hope to see you on October 18.