Wrestling for Mom

In his new biography, Batista Unleashed, WWE heavyweight champion Dave "the Animal" Batista goes to the mat for his lesbian mother.



You take time to thank Pat Patterson, who, though
he was once tabloid fodder when he was basically outed
in the 1980s, has managed to stayed relevant in
the industry.
First of all, I love Pat to death. It took a
long time for Pat to really warm up to me. He’s
somebody who really loves our business. He really
thinks you should pay your dues. Once he saw I really do
have a passion for the business, I can’t even
tell you how supportive he’s been. He’s
openly gay; he’s not ashamed, and everybody knows
about it. Honestly, nobody cares. We all respect Pat
Patterson for what he’s accomplished and what
he helps our company with. He’s somebody I always
talk about my matches with on the road. He cares about
the wrestlers. We could care less who he’s
sleeping with at night.

It’s hard to imagine sexuality not being an issue
in an industry so driven by ego—and testosterone.
It’s not. It’s not at all. I think
our company -- and the industry in general -- is not
today what it used to be. It’s also not the same
industry it was 20 years ago. A lot of people have that
“big ol’ redneck wrassler”
stereotype still in their head. That’s just not what
it is anymore. Our company has grown with the times.
Any kind of discrimination like that in our locker
rooms is not accepted. It’s just not cool.


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