Going the Distance, Part 4

As training winds down for The Advocate's resident marathoner, he catches a second wind that pushes him closer to the finish line.



This month of
training has allowed me to bounce back from my injury and
fatigue. My energy levels have finally rebounded, and I
don't feel depressed, as I did weeks ago. For a while,
I worried I couldn't continue with my training, but
now I'm confident about crossing the finish line on
March 2.

My 26-mile
training run on February 2 was dubbed the
“Celebration Run.” This time I ran with
a pace group that averages 14:30 minutes per mile, but
they slowed down for this run. Regardless, we ran at a
faster pace than I had been running in a while, and it
was a lot of fun.

Through the
marathon-length route, water stops with cheering volunteers
were our refuge. The National AIDS Marathon Training
Program cannot possibly be successful without the
dedicated volunteers and staff who run it. Both the
volunteers and fundraising by the runners help support
Aids Project Los Angeles (APLA) in assisting people affected
by and living with HIV/AIDS. As a 22-year survivor of
HIV, I can personally support these efforts with all
of my heart and soul.

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