Raquel says Mae was man

The New York Post reports that in an upcoming interview in the August edition of Vanity Fair, Raquel Welch weighs in on the late actress Mae West, with whom Welch notoriously spatted during the making of the classically dreadful film Myra Breckenridge. Welch claims that she was “always trying to figure out whether [West] was a man or not.” While this is not the first time the notion has been suggested, primarily as a result of Mae taking liberties in her life and career that no woman of the time would have dared, Welch offers evidence beyond West’s behavior. “You just had to be there,” Welch says, “to look right into her face, and see those man’s hands and that man’s neck, those wigs she wore, the mink eyelashes, the false fingernails.” The still-luscious Welch insists, however, that she has the utmost respect for the woman…man…whatever, who was “an absolute legend.”

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