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20 Tremendously Awesome Father's Day Gifts

20 Tremendously Awesome Father's Day Gifts


Whether the man in your life is your dad, your husband, your baby daddy, or your grandpa, we've got a last-minute gift he'll love.

Fish-boat_0A Fish-Catching Remote-Controlled Boat
Fishing sometimes sounds more fun than it is. But you know what's fun? Remote-controlled boats. This one combines the two. Hook your bait to the attached rigging and launch your boat. With this, dad can stay dry and safely get boozed up, while controlling his fish-catching boat from shore. $69.95,

Workshopx400_0An Awesome Portable Workshop
When it comes to power tools, cords suck. So we asked, What's better than a set of cordless power tools? This super cool portable workshop, which not only includes the usual suspects -- battery operated power drill, LED light, and circular saw -- but also provides a table saw, jigsaw, scroll saw, and hammer drill along with an interchangeable, rechargeable 18-volt battery. It's all packed in a tool box with dedicated compartments that also transforms into a workbench where the hammer drill turns into a drill press. It's the perfect collection for the DIY dad. It also comes with blades, a 22-piece drill bit set, and batteries that recharge in an hour. Of course, it may be portable, but it's not light (or cheap). $599.95,

Bike_0The Hot New Way to Bike
Is dad a fitness buff who's getting older? Or first adopter who loves all things green? Either way, he'll adore the Wave Electric Bike, which is packed with features, including an incredibly powerful 750-watt motor with a 28 MPH top speed that can go over 52 miles without a charge. This eBike is for sale as part of one of the fastest-growing crowdfunding campaigns ever. It's already attracted nearly $1 million in camUsb-shaver_0paign contributions in just three weeks on Indiegogo. Check it out to find out why. $599,

The USB Travel Shaver
This totally modern device is a compact little electric shaver (smaller than a smartphone) that recharges via USB and can power up via any computer or USB adapter so you don't have to pack chargers or cables, or worry about extra power adapters on overseas. Perfect for guys on go! $29.95,

A Personalized Hammer

Don't think this tool is reserved for the burly Mr. Fix-its among us. This is an "awww" gift he'll cherish because it comes engraved with the heartwarming sentiment "Dad, thank you for helping me build a life." Plus you can add a personalized message on the back. $45.24,

Trip-camera_0The Perfect Road Trip Recorder
Remember those road trips you took as a kid where dad did all the driving and missed all the sites? This will change all that! It's a front and rear video recorder that he can suction to a dashboard or a windshield, with two directional cameras that can be adjusted 180 degrees to capture high-def audiovisual recordings of the road ahead, behind, or even to sides. Records up to 1.5 hours on the included 8-GB micro memory card and supports cards up to 32 GB for up to six hours of capacity. There's also an emergency button in case he's being carjacked or in an accident, and this camera will preserve the footage taken within the previous 30 seconds and for another 30 seconds afterward, just like an airplane's black box. The split-view monitor shows what's being recorded and displays recorded video, while image-stabilizing software keeps footage clear. The camera operates using the car's 12-volt DC outlet but can run cordlessly for 30 minutes via its rechargeable battery. $199.95,

Mantry-crate_0The Modern Man's Pantry Box
Yes, you can give a man a food gift; it's 2015, dude. Mantry is an American Artisan Food-of-the-Month Club that comes in a cute but butchy handmade wooden crate, and is 100 percent made in the USA. You can give dad a three-month (or more) subscription and he'll get a crate each month with six full-size, super premium foods that have been made by amazing artisans and "painstakingly sourced and lovingly crafted into the perfect original theme," like Bourbon Breakfast or Hecho en America. Mmm. (You may want one for yourself too.) $225 for three months,

Fuit_tx400_0A Tee That Ends Plumber Butt
OK, Fruit of the Loom tees seem like a pretty basic gift, but let's face it -- a lot of dads wear their tees as undershirts. Now FOTL has updated its men's crew and V-neck tees, reengineering them so they never ride up. Ever accidentally see dad's coin slot as he bends over? Never again. The tee was tested by athletes at the X Games, and that great new tuckability is even the source of its funny new ad campaign. $13.99 for a six-pack,

Yoda-golf_0Golf Club Covers These Be
These are the golf club covers that ensure the Force will be with your drives, chips, and putts. The lined, padded Yoda or R2D2 covers slide easily over clubs, but whether your game has galactic prowess is all up to you. $29.95,

Father_son_ts_0Adorably Contemporary Father-Son, Daddy-Daughter Matching Tees
Etsy's JackPotTees has a series of shirts made for dads and their kids, many with cute and quirky pop culture references. We can't help but love the Star Wars set: Dad's, with Darth Vader, reads "I Am Your Father," and the onesie or toddler tee reads "He Is My Father," or, for the femmes, "My Little Princess" (with, of course, Princess Leia's pic). $49.99,

Luggage-charger_0The Wait-at-the-Gate Charging Tray
We all try to recharge while we wait but hate to choose between sitting near an electrical outlet and near the gate. With this Levo luggage tray with power bank, you'll have a rechargeable battery that attaches to your carry-on luggage in seconds and can charge your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader. The tray even lets you sit your phone or iPad upright so you can watch movies or read while it's charging. It can provide up to 55 hours of talk time for a smartphone and up to seven hours of use for a tablet from a full three-hour charge. $59.95,

Lab_series_0Skincare for Dudes
If the dad in your life is your hubby, this might be great: Estee Lauder's Lab Series Skincare for Men has an Age Rescue + Essentials gift set that's perfect for the workaholic man. It's simple -- face wash, lotion, and eye therapy -- and fights wrinkles and fatigue, and doesn't take more than a minute to apply. Even better, Lab Series celebrates Pride all month with its Outspoken Speaker Series, displaying the colors of the LGBT flag on its logo for the month of June and launching its "Pride Power" campaign leading up to the New York City Pride Fest. $103,

Vhs-to-dvd_0The VHS-to-DVD Converter
He can use this to convert all those old home movies to DVDs, hook up a camcorder directly to it and do the same, or finally turn those bootleg videocassettes into something you can watch on your computer. You can play or record DVDs as well or just play those hundreds of VHS tapes that are for sale for a penny at every garage sale in America. A hipster must that'll also make dad happy. $299.95,

Spire_standingsmall_0An Activity Tracker Plus Relaxation Monitor?
Are you always carping at your baby's daddy to just stop and breathe for a minute? Then I have the tracker for him. I love my Fitbit, but Spire is the only wearable that monitors breathing in real time and provides notifications to reduce fatigue, lower tension, and increase both calm and productivity. Oh, and it offers guided meditations and breathing exercises, and still tracks your steps and calories spent with inactivity reminders. (Spire is also the exclusive breath-tracking app for the Apple Watch.) $149.99,

Squeege_0Squeal! A Vacuuming Squeegee!
This Karcher Window Vac is a squeegee with a built-in vacuum that cleans windows and flat surfaces quickly without any drips, and it's attached to a spray bottle you put your own cleaner in. It has a lightweight ergonomic design and double-layered neoprene blades that work on nearly any surface. Until they make a robotic squeegee, I'm going with this! (Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and AC adapter.) $79.95,

Nesxt_issuex400_0Why Just Sports Illustrated?
The sports-meets-bikini-babes mag used to be a no-brainer gift for sports-loving dadsn but why settle for one magazine when you can give him over 100 magazine subscriptions? Next Issue is a virtual newsstand in the palm of your hand. You can get a subscription for $9.99 a month and then access the most popular magazines, including their entire archives, on your smartphone or tablet. If Dad travels for business or pleasure, he'll never be without all of his favorite reading material in one convenient app, and one subscription can be shared with the entire family (up to five devices) so everyone can read all of their favorites! (One bummer, though: You can't find The Advocate or Out there, but subs are on special here.) $9.99-$14.99,

Outandaboutdad_0Gay Dads, Little Kids
Out & About Dad: My Journey as a Father With All its Twists, Turns and a Few Twirls is a memoir that follows Jim Joseph from coming out to raising kids as a single gay dad in the early 1990s, before the gayby boom hit. Although Joseph, president of Cohn & Wolfe and somewhat of a consumer marketing genius, knows his way around a humble brag, the memoir is so sweet and earnest it's engaging enough to make you read it all in one sitting. $21,

Bald Can Be Beautiful
I can't stop raving about HeadBlade. The leader in head-shaving razors and accessories (like Head Lube and other cheekily named products for shaved bald heads), HeadBlade collaborated with famed graphic artist John Van Hamersveld to reinterpret their logo and colors of their meticulously-made scalp razors, including the new ATX razor. Van Hamersveld, who created the iconic poster for The Endless Summer and designed album art for the Beatles and Rolling Stones, took the razor up a notch with great color combos that make it look like part art, part razor. Even slicker: The limited edition S4 Shark looks like what Batman would use to shave ... anything. It's inspired by the HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Razor, which is made of hand-polished stainless steel, features HeadBlade's renowned car-like suspension, and has a blade suspended in the back by a unique spring action device that virtually eliminates the chance of nicks or cuts. $15 and up,

Dickumentary_0Hello-ladies-the-complete-series-and-the-movie-dvd_500_0DVDs Both Highbrow and Low
DVDs are always great gifts, and these two are choice The Dickumentary reveals "everything you've always wanted to know about the penis, but were too afraid to ask." Though this doc is funny as heck at points, it provides a serious look at the penis, with interviews with men from 14 countries and more than 40 experts, often answering questions you could never ask your dad. If you saw Stephen Marchant on that new lip-synch competition show as he strips down to booty shorts and thigh-highs, you'll want to catch the boxed set Hello Ladies: The Complete Series & The Movie from HBO. In it, Merchant is Stuart, who has moved from England to L.A. in search of his soul mate. What he finds instead -- and what happens to almost all of us who move to L.A. -- is a world of beautiful people who are all just a little bit out of his league. Dickumentary: $17.99,; Hello Ladies; $19.98,

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