WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 10, 'Head Shots'

WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 10, 'Head Shots'

He may have been too hasty going with the Kristen Stewart tint spray tan, but Jeffrey isn’t about to let such a minor setback keep him from his dreams of boy-band superstardom. In the words of RuPaul, he’s ready to wet his lips and make love to the camera for the most fabulous photos of his budding career yet — his head shots.

As Jeffrey himself says, “I’m not looking back, I’m going forward and having my head shots taken so I can be put out there for the world to see. I am making lemonade from all the lemons I’ve encountered so far in my journey so far. And I can feel this in my bones, my face will draw everyone to love me. I hope I can remember my poses. I was practicing for hours in front of my bathroom mirror. After all, it’s only my face they will see, right?”

Watch Jeffrey: The Series episode 10, “Head Shots,” below.

(Jeffrey will be taking a short break after this episode, but fear not, fans of the most fabulous boy-band gonna-be: Jeffrey will return with an all-new episodes in a few short weeks.)

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