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Apprentice Transcript: Trump Critiques Woman's Skin, Protests He's Not Gay

Apprentice Transcript: Trump Critiques Woman's Skin, Protests He's Not Gay

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Cyndi Lauper, who led a contestant team on the episode in question, says the transcript shows Donald Trump being true to form.

A transcript has surfaced from Donald Trump's years as host of The Apprentice showing him again being obsessed with women's looks -- and perhaps a bit worried that someone might think he's gay.

The Huffington Post obtained a transcript of behind-the-scenes conversations from a 2010 episode in which contestants had to make over a country music singer, improving not just their looks but their interviewing and promotional skills. They also helped produce brochures and other publicity materials for the performers. A team of contestants led by Cyndi Lauper handled Emily West, who would later appear on America's Got Talent.

Trump had a problem with West's skin. "I assume you're gonna leave this off, don't put this shit on the show, you know," he said, according to the transcript obtained by HuffPo. "But her skin, her skin sucks, OK? I mean her skin, she needs some serious fuckin' dermatology."

The other team was making over Luke Bryan, who has become a country star. "Personally, I am, as you probably heard, not a gay man, but I think he's better-looking [than] Emily, OK?" Trump said regarding Bryan.

Then when country singer Trace Adkins, who was a guest judge on the episode, said he thought West's team did a better brochure than Bryan's, Trump said, "You're obviously not a skin man." He went back to this statement later, pounded the table for emphasis, and said, "I wish I wasn't," according to the transcript.

Nonetheless, West's group ended up winning. West said she never met Trump, so the comments were apparently based on her photographs.

Lauper told HuffPo the transcript was an accurate reflection of what went on. "That's the way he is," she said. "It is just very disappointing." She also critiqued his performance in the presidential debate with Hillary Clinton Sunday night, saying he was "walking behind her like he's a thug."

"He's a reality star," Lauper continued, "and he has low-lifed our entire political system that is so 1800 gangs of New York."

A spokeswoman for Trump's campaign declined to comment on what she called "an alleged transcript," while executive producer Mark Burnett did not respond to HuffPo's request for comment. A former Apprentice staffer has said there is "far worse" information in show transcripts, but people who worked on the show may be reluctant to come forward because of nondisclosure agreements they had signed, with a $5 million penalty for violation.

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