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Kristen Stewart's Glossary of Queer Innuendos

Kristen Stewart's Glossary of Queer Innuendos

Kristen Stewart made headlines Wednesday when Nylon magazine published an interview in which she discussed her sexuality. "Google me, I'm not hiding," she assured the reporter, without revealing how she identifies.

Up until this point, the mainstream media has been unsure of how to report on the identity of the American Ultra actress as well as her relationship with Alicia Cargile. The two are frequently photographed together holding hands, being affectionate with one another, and acting the way every couple behaves in public.

The unofficial rules of "outing" in the press leaves the power in the hands of the celebrity or public figure, who must first come out as LGBT through an interview, speech, or social media post. Stewart's refusal to play by these rules has led to the development of an interesting lexicon of terminology, a glossary of queer innuendo that is meant to signal to a reader that a person is gay or in a same-sex relationship, without actually stating it outright.

Here are five such terms and real-life examples. In order to illustrate their ridiculousness, each is accompanied by a reactive GIF of Kristen Stewart.

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