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Oregon legislator
bashes pro-gay bills

Oregon legislator
bashes pro-gay bills

In his weekly newsletter to constituents, Oregon state representative Dennis Richardson grouped last week's Virginia Tech shootings and the Oregon legislature's passage of pro-gay acts under the heading of tragic events.

Two Oregon house bills received senate attention last week, with an antidiscrimination bill being pushed through to the governor's desk and a domestic-partnership bill being put under review.

Richardson wrote that the antidiscrimination bill is broad and has "uncertain definition."

"In the years ahead, I believe SB 2 will result in a small minority of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) activists imposing their lifestyles and views of behavior on an unwilling majority in Oregon's schools, work places, and eventually in all aspects of our society," he wrote. "When it comes to political strategy and maneuvering, the GLBT activists have certainly been successful in moving forward their political agenda."

Aisling Coghlan, the interim executive director of gay rights group Basic Rights Oregon, called Richardson's statement "vulgar" and insulting to Oregonians and those impacted by the shooting.

"For Richardson to say that protecting Oregon families in times of crisis is equivalent to the mass murder of some of the best and brightest America has to offer is beyond extremely distasteful--it is outright abhorrent," Coghlan wrote in a statement. (The Advocate)

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