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Politicos Weigh
in on California Marriage Ruling

Politicos Weigh
in on California Marriage Ruling

New York senator Hillary Clinton "Hillary Clinton believes that gay and lesbian couples in committed relationships should have the same rights and responsibilities as all Americans and believes that civil unions are the best way to achieve this goal. As president, Hillary Clinton will work to ensure that same-sex couples have access to these rights and responsibilities at the federal level. She has said and continues to believe that the issue of marriage should be left to the states."

Illinois senator Barack Obama "Barack Obama has always believed that same-sex couples should enjoy equal rights under the law, and he will continue to fight for civil unions as president. He respects the decision of the California supreme court, and continues to believe that states should make their own decisions when it comes to the issue of marriage."

Arizona senator John McCain "John McCain supports the right of the people of California to recognize marriage as a unique institution sanctioning the union between a man and a woman, just as he did in his home state of Arizona. John McCain doesn't believe judges should be making these decisions."

Wisconsin congresswoman Tammy Baldwin "Like many Americans, I'm elated by today's California state supreme court ruling that laws excluding gay and lesbian couples from the right to marry were unconstitutional. There will be more legal and political challenges ahead as we continue our march toward full equality for all Americans. But today is a day to savor the moment and recall what Dr. King often preached, 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.'"

Joe Solmonese, HRC president "This is a historic day for the state of California and a long-awaited day for the plaintiffs in this case and their families. The California supreme court has made clear that same-sex couples in committed relationships and their families deserve the same level of respect afforded to opposite-sex couples. The court did its job by ensuring that the state constitution provides the same rights and protections for everyone. This is a decision that strengthens California families."

Patrick Sammon, Log Cabin Republicans president "The debate does not end with this decision. Discussions about the freedom to marry will continue with our families, coworkers, and neighbors. Marriage is good for all Americans -- gay and straight. It promotes values that strengthen society and the family. Today's ruling shows once again that states are capable of making these decisions on their own, without unnecessary intervention from the federal government. Marriage has always been and should continue to be a state issue. This is the essence of federalism."

House speaker Nancy Pelosi "I welcome the California supreme court's historic decision. I have long fought against discrimination and believe that the state constitution provides for equal treatment for all of California's citizens and families, which today's decision recognizes. I commend the plaintiffs from San Francisco for their courage and commitment. I encourage California citizens to respect the court's decision, and I continue to strongly oppose any ballot measure that would write discrimination into the state constitution. Today is a significant milestone for which all Californians can take pride."

Neil G. Giuliano, GLAAD president "Today's ruling affirms that committed couples, gay and straight, should not be denied the duties, obligations, and protections of marriage. We congratulate and express our deepest appreciation to the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Equality California, Lambda Legal, the ACLU, Our Family Coalition, Heller Ehrman LLP, the law office of David C. Codell, and the other organizations, leaders, and courageous couples whose work and perseverance culminated in today's ruling. This decision is a vital affirmation to countless California couples -- straight and gay -- who want to make and have made a lifelong commitment to take care of and be responsible for each other."

Howard Dean, DNC chairman "The supreme court of California today took a step forward in the long march toward protecting equal rights under the law for every American. This should not be a matter of politics or partisanship; it is a matter of protecting the rights and dignity of all American families."

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger "I respect the court's decision and as governor, I will uphold its ruling. Also, as I have said in the past, I will not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn this state supreme court ruling."

New York City council speaker Christine C. Quinn "I applaud the California supreme court for lifting its ban on gay marriage and upholding the fundamental and universal rights of civil equality and equal protection. While this is a tremendous victory in our fight for equal rights, we must carry on with our efforts toward making marriage equality a reality in the state of New York. I implore every member of the New York state legislature to place equal rights ahead of politics and end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people by conferring the right to marry to same-sex couples. History has repeatedly shown that the arc of equality always bends towards justice. I know that, soon enough, LGBT New Yorkers will have the right to marry."

Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank "I want to offer to my friends in California both congratulations and reassurance: I congratulate California's supreme court for recognizing that all of California's citizens are entitled to basic civil rights; and I can assure the people of the state that the result of this decision will be to improve the quality of life of tens of thousands of Californians who will now be able legally to express their love for each other, while having no negative effect whatsoever on the overwhelming majority of Californians who will choose not to marry someone of the same sex.

"As in California, Massachusetts's experience with same-sex marriage began with a 4-3 decision of our highest court. There was initially some controversy. Subsequently, after reality banished the concerns that many had expressed about the impact of this decision, our state legislature voted by more than 3-1 to ratify the decision, and today, most people find it hard to remember that there was ever any serious fear about it."

Director, actor, and political activist Rob Reiner "Our nation was founded on the principle that all people are created equal. Today's decision is a huge step toward fulfilling that promise. Celebration is certainly called for, but the fight for equality is far from over. Court decisions may guarantee equality under the law, but the real struggle is for the tolerance of our fellow Americans. This decision by a majority-Republican court signals that it's time to put this kind of discrimination and bigotry behind us. Unfortunately, not everyone will hear the court's message. Already, there is a campaign being organized to overturn this decision at the ballot box. Californians must put an end to this sort of cynical and divisive politics once and for all. California has led our nation so many times before. I hope that once again we set an example that the nation will follow."

Matt Barber, Concerned Women for America policy director for cultural issues "The California supreme court has engaged in the worst kind of judicial activism today, abandoning its role as an objective interpreter of the law and instead legislating from the bench. It's absurd to suggest that the framers of the California state constitution could have ever imagined there'd be a day when so-called same-sex marriage would even be conceptualized, much less seriously considered. If anyone then had suggested the ridiculous notion, early Californians would have laughed their smocks off.

"So-called same-sex marriage is counterfeit marriage. Marriage is, and has always been, between a man and a woman. We know that it's in the best interest of children to be raised with a mother and a father. To use children as guinea pigs in radical San Francisco-style social experimentation is deplorable.

"The majority of Americans recognize the fact that legitimate marriage and family are cornerstones of a healthy society. Reasonable people have had enough and are refusing to allow radical extremists to redefine marriage and family into oblivion. So-called same-sex marriage is a ridiculous and oxymoronic notion that has been forced into popular lexicon by homosexual activists and their extremist left-wing allies.

"If people who engage in homosexual behavior want to dress up and play house, that's their prerogative, but we shouldn't destroy the institutions of legitimate marriage and family in order to help facilitate a counterfeit.

"On a positive note, the court's decision today will likely serve as a wake-up call to both Californians and their fellow Americans across the country. I'm certain this decision will help fuel a California marriage amendment and reignite debate over a federal amendment which would protect marriage as between one man and one woman."

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