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California Has More Than 50,000 Gay Parents

California Has More Than 50,000 Gay Parents

More detailed information about where the country’s gayby boom is coming from was released today by the Williams Institute, with California naturally boasting a large population — 52,530 gay parents.

The institute’s numbers are based on Census information. In the survey, California reported 125,516 couples, 21% of which are raising children. That means that one of every five gay couples is parenting.

But in this round of data, it was Wyoming that actually reported the highest percentage – 28%. Of course, Wyoming had many fewer same-sex couples — only 1,147 in total.

Delaware reported 3,352 couples, 19% of which were raising children. Pennsylvania reported 33,602 couples, with 20% bringing up children. And Kansas reported 6,176 couples, with 26% raising children.

Earlier this month, Census data was released showing that the number of gay households raising children is dramatically on the increase. In the 2000 survey 8% of same-sex couples reported having an adopted child in their household. In 2010,that number jumped sharply, to 19% of couples.

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