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Houston News Anchor Shares He's Gay and Engaged to a Weatherman on Instagram 

Steven Romo

A news anchor at Houston’s KTRK, Steven Romo, came out as gay in a moving Instagram post about secrets and how he thought he would never find true love. In the same post, he announced he is engaged to Fox Weather’s Stephen Morgan.

“I grew up with secrets. My family fought together to hide that we lived in a house full of garbage with a horde of dogs,” Romo wrote. “But what they didn’t know, and was arguably even more difficult, was that I had a secret to carry all on my own: I was gay and trying with all my heart not to be.”

Romo added that although it’s antithetical to what he learned in the church, “being gay saved me.”

Echoing the experience of many LGBTQ+ people, Romo shared that he previously thought he might never find love.

“Before I met Stephen Morgan, I thought maybe this kind of love just wasn’t in the cards for me. That it was a journey I’d never take. But now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. In my whole life,” Romo wrote. “I’ll soon be moving to New York City with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

The couple will head to New York City where Morgan landed a job at the Fox Weather streaming network. He recently left his position at Fox 26 in Houston.

Morgan, a meteorologist, also addressed the influence of religion on LGBTQ+ people in a post about his engagement to Romo. 

“I often think about one specific prayer I said as a 10-year-old, asking God to keep a ‘secret’ between the two of us. Obviously, God knows everything, so it wasn’t like I could hide it from Him. But I could hide it from [most] of my friends…from my family,” Morgan wrote. 

“How relieving, though, that the truth eventually comes out. I never dreamed of uttering the words ‘I’m engaged,’ but I also never dreamed of being so happy. Yet here we are. I’m engaged. I’m going to marry Steven Romo.”

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