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Roy Moore Shares Advocate Post, Stokes Homophobia Over Doug Jones's Gay Son

Roy Moore

Roy Moore is apparently a reader of The Advocate.

The accused pedophile and anti-LGBT Republican politician, who has yet to concede defeat in the Alabama U.S. Senate race, shared an interview with the gay son of his opponent, Doug Jones, on his Facebook page earlier this week.

In the article, published Friday by this LGBT magazine, Carson Jones confirmed he is out and said he was "thrilled with my dad’s victory."

"We have been overwhelmed by the support of so many people that made this happen. Alabama made a really big statement that unity wins out. I couldn’t be prouder of him or my home state!" Jones said.

The Facebook post was deleted Thursday. But Raw Story reports that the article, which was shared without comment, incited a slew of homophobic vitriol against Carson Jones.

"Shame they slander a great Alabamian Judge Moore and then the sick left winner shows its perversion," stated one commenter.

"Obviously Jone’s [sic] was an absent father for his son to be a homosexual, if the election continues as is he won’t be much of a Senator either," another Moore follower wrote.



In addition to the piece about Carson Jones, Moore shared an article from the far-right site World New Daily that blamed "Muslims and Marxists" for his upset defeat earlier this month.

Moore, who as chief justice of Alabama's Supreme Court tried to block same-sex marriage in his state, is a lifelong foe of LGBT rights. Thus, the post is not a show of support for Carson Jones, but rather a means of stoking antigay fires.

Since his loss, Moore has engaged in a fearmongering campaign around queer people and Muslims in order to raise money for an "Election Integrity Fund," which purports to investigate voter fraud.

It is now "numerically impossible" for Moore to win a recount.

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