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Roy Moore Still Won't Concede, Begs for Cash to Fund 'Election Integrity Program'


Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore last week by over 20,000 votes in a U.S. Senate race in Alabama, but Moore refuses to concede the election and is begging supporters to fund his "Election Integrity Program."

A fundraising email sent to supporters Monday asked for contributions to the "program," which supposedly will uncover enough fraudulent votes to overturn last week's election; an outcome that is highly unlikely. Moore is seeking $75,000 and, according to a tweet from journalist Lauren Walsh, he's received less than $50,000.



"Reports of potential voter fraud and various other irregularities are streaming in from all across the state," reads the email. "Campaign staff and volunteers are chasing down and investigating each and every report the moment they're received. Sorting through the information is a slow and laborious process. As you can see, my campaign worked around the clock the past several days to create and launch this critical Election Integrity Program on a moment's notice. But time is running out to submit each report before the certification deadline."

The Moore campaign hasn't submitted any official fraud complaints to officials, Alabama's secretary of state told a local CBS affiliate. 



Moore — accused by several women of either assaulting, touching, or pursuing them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s — has been urged to officially concede the race for Jeff Sessions's former Senate seat by both Jones and Donald Trump

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