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Trump's Minions Who'll Try to Bring Us Down — and Our Allies Who'll Fight Them

Newt Rachel

Roger Stonex750

Trump Minion: Roger Stone

Stone, a political strategist and pundit who campaigned extensively for Trump, is nearly a match for Alex Jones as a conspiracy theorist. Just this week he told Radar Online that he had been poisoned with polonium, saying, “I think this was a deep CIA plot to kill me and then claim the Russians did it.” Why? “The Democrats have been trying to tie me and the Trump campaign to Russian hacking,” he explained. When not imagining plots against himself, Stone has endorsed some of Trump's most offensive ideas, such as barring Muslims from entering the U.S., and offered ideas for getting around questions of constitutionality. “Maybe, in the end, the courts don’t allow him to temporarily ban Muslims,” he told The New Yorker last fall. “That’s fine — he can ban anybody from Egypt, from Syria, from Libya, from Saudi Arabia. He’s a Reagan-type pragmatist.”    

Anthonyromero Aclux750

Our Ally: Anthony Romero

But a lot of activists will be trying to block Trump from making blatantly unconstitutional moves, and one of the leaders in that fight will be the American Civil Liberties Union, headed by Anthony Romero, who happens to be gay. Many of Trump's proposals would “violate the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution,” Romero said in the same New Yorker article, and he promised that the ACLU will “challenge and impede implementation of his proposals.” Appearing on The Rachel Maddow Show shortly after the election, Romero said, “We're in for the fight of our lives,” but he noted that the ACLU is ready. The organization received $9 million and attracted 150,000 new members in the first few days after Trump's win. “Thirty percent comes from states that were carried by Donald Trump,” he told Maddow. “Not just San Francisco, L.A., and New York. We’ve got new donors and new contributors from Alabama, from Montana, from Mississippi, from Georgia. And that for me gives me hope that, in fact, there`s a growing movement of people who are concerned about where we’re going and want to take some action.” 


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