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Bruce Carroll
& Danial Blatt

Bruce Carroll
& Danial Blatt


Ages: 38 and 43 Location: Charlotte, N.C., and Los Angeles

Year launched: 2004

Visitors per month: 45,000 to 50,000

Why you started: Carroll: "To counteract the idea that all gays think alike politically. To protest the outing witch hunt targeting congressional staffers based on their political beliefs."

Purpose of blog: Carroll: "To provide a forum of alternative political viewpoints to the gay community. To reach out to Red State America and to counteract the stereotype that all gays are uberliberal."

Year you quit your day job: Carroll: "Haven't yet."

Biggest advertiser: Carroll: "Our advertising is all done through the Pajamas Media I don't even know anymore. You might be interested to know that before we joined Pajamas Media, we were refused our request to join the GayBlogs consortium [on] due to our blog's political views."

Strangest posting: Carroll: "Any of the postings involving the political candidacy of Jonathan 'The Impaler' Sharkey--the vampire politician [from Minnesota]."

Hottest link: Carroll: "Any posting with a photo of [country music singer] Keith Anderson."

Three cons of blogging: Carroll: "People who make knee-jerk statements but don't actually read our postings; not having the time to write more."

Blatt: "Hate mail and hate comments."

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