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Marjorie Taylor Greene Ousted From House Freedom Caucus

Marjorie Taylor Greene Ousted From House Freedom Caucus

Marjorie Taylor Greene

The far-right faction in the House of Representatives kicked out the firebrand Georgia congresswoman after she argued with Rep. Lauren Boebert.

The U.S. House Freedom Caucus confirmed on Thursday that Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had been booted out.

“A vote was taken to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from the House Freedom Caucus for some of the things she’s done,” said GOP Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, according toPolitico, which was first to report the vote last week.

Harris said removing Greene from the far-right faction of the House GOP was “an appropriate action.” When asked if that meant Greene was out, he added, “As far as I know, that is the way it is.”

Some members of the House Freedom Caucus were upset about lawmakers who were too cozy with the GOP leadership rather than their Freedom Caucus peers a couple of weeks ago when rumblings of discord within the caucus surfaced.

In response to a question regarding her status within the Freedom Caucus, neither Greene nor the group immediately responded.

In the wake of a tense exchange between Greene and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert on the House floor, the Freedom Caucus voted formally only after details of the clash were leaked to reporters.

“I think the way she referred to a fellow member was probably not the way we expect our members to refer to other fellow, especially female, members,” Harris said, referencing reports that Greene called Boebert a “little b*tch.”

Harris said Greene's break from the caucus over the debt limit contributed to the members’ desire to kick her out. “I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was publicly saying things about another member in terms that no one should,” he added.

The group has never officially expelled a member from its ranks. Former Michigan Rep. Justin Amash left the group because he had fallen out of favor with its members.

Freedom Caucus members opposed McCarthy when he ran for the speaker’s gavel and during the recent debt fight. Though those strategies didn’t unify the group entirely, Harris said Thursday that “large divisions” had been resolved.

The House Freedom Caucus is a group of extremist politicians from the ultraconservative wing of the Republican Party.

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