McGreevey Amazed by New Jersey Marriage Decision

McGreevey Amazed by New Jersey Marriage Decision

It's been nearly a decade since former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey came out as a "gay American," just months after signing a law that legalized domestic partnerships in the state. Now he's speaking out about the state Supreme Court ruling that allows same-sex marriages to begin Monday.

He told The Star Ledger that he never would have envisioned the new political changes, "And whether you agree with the decision, as do I, or you disagree, there is something very special about America and our state that this could happen. It's a testament to who we are as people that we can change opinions in an orderly, respectful manner, and God willing, to be better people for it."

Susan K. Livio of The Star-Ledger spoke to McGreevey, whose 2004 law was meant to office same-sex couples the same rights as marriage but was challenged in court, reports that law lead to civil unions in 2007 and "the lawsuit over that law resulted in today's decision."

"Most of us knew domestic partnerships at best were a stated aspiration as opposed to a clear matter of equity," he told Livio. "To think how far we come in such a short stead, it's remarkable. To envision in my lifetime an African American president and gay marriage is to really redefine that a sense of equity in America is possible."

No word, though, on whether McGreevy and his longtime partner, would be taking the plunge themselves.

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