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WATCH: Ted Olson Takes on Tony Perkins on 'Evil' Marriage Equality

WATCH: Ted Olson Takes on Tony Perkins on 'Evil' Marriage Equality

Today on Fox News Sunday, antigay activist Tony Perkins said the Supreme Court has allowed lower courts to “do their evil bidding” by letting stand several appellate courts’ pro–marriage equality rulings last week.

“The effect of this is the court did a back-alley type Roe v. Wade judicial decision by letting the lower courts do their evil bidding,” Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, told host Chris Wallace. “The court has lit the fuse to a powder keg culturally that is going to have ramifications for years to come in this nation.”

Ted Olson, one of the attorneys who successfully argued the cases against California’s anti-equality Proposition 8 and Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage, appeared with Perkins and repeatedly challenged his assertions about the supposed negative effects of allowing same-sex couples to marry.

“There’s no heterosexual couple that is going to decide to get a divorce or not get married or not raise children just because another couple next to them is treated equally and with respect,” Olson said. He also questioned Perkins’s prediction about a “powder keg,” noting that a majority of the millennial generation supports equal marriage rights.

Perkins returned to an argument frequently used by marriage equality opponents, that marriage should be limited it opposite-sex couples because it’s “for the protection of children.” Olson responded strongly, saying, “There are thousands and tens of thousands of children in same-sex marriage households. They deserve the right to equality and same respect and decency that other people have.”

Watch the two debate social science, so-called judicial activism, and more in the segment below.

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