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Myth has it that Hercules created the Olympics in the days when men and gods mingled on Grecian mountaintops. But the first recorded games took place in 776 BCE with just one event -- a 210-yard dash known as the stade -- which a naked runner named Coroebus of Elis won. While we can't say whether Coroebus was gay, we do know of at least 19 gay athletes who've taken home medals in the last century of Olympic competition.

Camilla Andersen Denmark: Handball, gold, 1996, 2000

Judith Arndt Germany: Cycling, bronze, 1996, silver, 2004

Toller Cranston Canada: Figure skating, bronze, 1976

John Curry United Kingdom: Figure skating, gold, 1976

Babe Didrikson Zaharias United States: 80-meter hurdles, gold, 1932; javelin, gold, 1932; high jump, silver, 1932

Robert Dover United States: Equestrian, bronze team,1992, 1996, 2000, 2004

Gigi Fernandez United States: Tennis doubles, gold, 1992, 1996

Bruce Hayes United States: 4x200-meter swimming freestyle relay, gold, 1984

Mia Hundvin Norway: Handball, bronze, 2000

Johan Kenkhuis Netherlands: 4x200-meter swimming freestyle relay, bronze, 2000; 4x100-meter swimming freestyle relay, silver, 2004

Marc Leduc Canada: Boxing, silver, 1992

Greg Louganis United States: Platform diving, silver, 1976, gold, 1984, 1988; springboard diving, gold, 1984, 1988

Conchita Martinez Spain: Tennis doubles, silver, 1992, bronze, 1996

Amelie Mauresmo France: Tennis singles, silver, 2004

Holly Metcalf United States: Rowing, gold team, 1984

Brian Orser Canada: Figure skating, silver, 1984, 1988

Ronnie Robertson United States: Figure skating, silver, 1956

Gunther Seidel United States: Equestrian, bronze team, 1996, 2000, 2004

Sheryl Swoopes United States: Basketball, gold team, 1996, 2000, 2004

Mark Tewksbury Canada: 4x100-meter swimming medley relay, silver, 1988, bronze, 1992; 100-meter backstroke, gold, 1992

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