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Portland Gay Men's Chorus Makes Historic Tour of China

Watch an exclusive clip of the groundbreaking collaboration of PGMC and Hyperbolic Singers, Shanghai's only LGBTQ chorus.

The Portland Gay Men's Chorus recently engaged in a history-making performance with the Hyperbolic Singers, the only LGBTQ chorus in Shanghai, China.

"PGMC will never be the same," wrote Richard Jung, executive director of Portland Gay Men's Chorus. "This tour was a way to live out our mission - it provided us a venue to sing for a better world. We accomplished that. But more than that, it allows us to rethink our place in the world. I hope it helps us appreciate what we have, both as a country and as individuals here in the U.S., and recommits us to ensuring that those freedoms - so bravely fought for - continue to drive us to build a more just and accepting society that embraces all people, not just those we are comfortable with."

An exclusive clip of the performance is above.

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