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Puerto Rican Students Plea For Extended Stay At NYU

Puerto Rican Students Plead for Extended Stay at NYU

The Hurricane Maria Assistance Program gave Puerto Rican students the opportunity to study in New York, but now they may have to return to the ravaged island.

Puerto Rican students who were accepted into an New York University program for Hurricane Maria survivors are asking the school to extend their stay for one more semester. This because they're frustrated with the island's slow pace of storm recovery and are concerned about the economic instability they'd return to. Amanda Conyers-Godreau, a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in interdisciplinary studies at the University of Puerto Rico, at Cayey said, "The crisis isn't over. They're saying that this program was an emergency response to the disaster that my institution was facing. It's not a past-tense thing; it's very present."

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