Nelly Power: When Coming Out Isn't a Choice

These men — both real and fictional — who could never 'pass' might be considered the pioneers of gay visibility.



Bugs Bunny: That Cross-Dwessing Wabbit

Right there, in plain sight, and entertaining millions of children, adults, and especially GIs was one of the the most famous cartoon characters ever — and certainly the campiest one.

Looking somewhat like Milton Berle in a rabbit suit, Bugs's character is like a mythological trickster archetype. Narcissistic and fearless, and bent on bringing disorder to the universe, Bugs always breaks the rules with casual disregard.

Bugs is a clown and an effeminate one at that. He often dons women's clothes to seduce his nemesis (Elmer Fudd) and then humiliate him. In the middle of his ruse, a prolonged kiss is planted on Elmer's face, leaving Elmer in a state of dreamy delirium. Bugs then saunters off wagging his fluffy white tail as it peeks out from under a flouncy skirt.

Debate over Bugs's orientation is moot. He's a cartoon.