What makes a good photograph to you?
Artistic vision is responsible for good photography, in my opinion; it's not really about planning, being spontaneous, or catching the accidental great shot. A good photograph has to have the backing of a photographer bent on capturing something expressive.

Who are your favorite artists? And why?
Most of my favorite artists are film directors; my inspiration comes from that medium. Pedro Almodóvar is at the top of an extremely short list of people whose work strikes a chord with me. His use of colors, breadth of landscapes and settings, and framing are excellent. There's certainly a team of people responsible for making a great film, but Almodóvar creates visual pieces with strong content that makes me want to do better in my field. I also favor fellow photographers whom I communicate with on a daily basis; the list is long, but they all know who they are and the work of theirs I admire and support.

Artist Statement:
My creative inspiration for photography stems a great deal from film and literature. When I work with someone on creating an image, I believe myself to be unconsciously filled with flashes of textures, frames, actions, colors, and much more. Those flashes mix with narrative voices, and the result is a collective of my influences and an innate desire to produce something different from what I photographed previously.

Conceptual, creative photography is the base for almost any image I work to create. Light and shadow as well as color coordination, precision, framing, and quirkiness have become words I cannot go a day without referencing or utilizing during the process. I am a student (in academics and life) of the arts, and I would not have my personal aspirations in this field go any other way. It is my wish that the work I am doing allows me to continually progress within art and fashion. I have enjoyed my time in this endeavor from the start, and I am always pleasantly surprised as to how much more there is out there to learn and use for experimentation.

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