Artist Spotlight: Sara Swaty

In Swaty's series 'In Between & Outside,' gender is represented as both a fluid, relaxed, and creative expression as well as a more tense and exploratory transition.



Loryn Elliot

"[I] always felt confused and isolated when put in women and girl-only spaces. I was very disassociated from my body during puberty, and up until recently always felt a 'disconnect' between my head and my physical self. At 16, I changed my birth name (Lauren Elisabeth) to Loryn Elliot. I see both gender and sexuality as fluid and do not believe either exists on a narrow 'one or the opposite' binary. I do not identify as transsexual because I do not believe there are only two genders, nor do I believe I was born the wrong one. Our society takes gender too damn seriously, and I often try to laugh at it, mold it, perform with it, and make light of it."