PHOTOS: Bathhouse History Lesson

These amazing Polaroids from the heyday of the Fairoaks Hotel capture the feel of being in a bathhouse in 1978 like no other images can.



Folded Arms
Two guys in towels talking near the snack bar in the common area of the Fairoaks.

Gay Pride #1
The Fairoaks float at the 1978 Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco was a flatbed truck decorated with furniture from the Fairoaks lounge. The hood ornament is wearing a Fairoaks T-shirt and straddling a protest sign about the Briggs initiative, which would have banned gay and “gay-sympathetic” teachers from classrooms in California, and did not pass.

Gay Pride #8
Taken from the front of the Fairoaks float for the 1978 Gay Pride Parade, looking ahead at the parade and by-standers. The banner is seen here in reverse lettering.

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