Gay Catholics, Suicidal Moms, and the Polymorphous Perversity of Madonna’s Big Toe

With a fat gay Catholic kid, a suicidal, closeted mom, and essays on the perceived perversions of everything from Trekkies to Madonna, this week's books have plenty to offer readers who think truth is stranger than fiction.


  UPDATED: May 14 2012 1:01 AM ET

Sucking Sherbet Lemons by Michael Carson X300 | ADVOCATE.COMSucking Sherbet Lemons by Michael Carson (Cutting Edge Press U.K., $17) 

Long considered a coming-of-age classic, Sucking Sherbet Lemons, which was first released in 1988,  follows Benson, a chubby gay 14-year-old Catholic boy in the 1960s. In a story both hilarious and heart-rending, Benson attempts to reconcile being gay — at a time when homosexuality was still illegal — with his religious zeal, leading to some peculiar places and amusing setups along the way. The book is fun and resonant, and sure to appeal to a whole new generation of readers — gay and straight. ( — Diane Anderson-Minshall

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