Bookshelf: Turning LGBT History Into Literature

Turning our past into novels can be quite intriguing!



Stilettos and Steel by Jeri Estes (Wordsmith Productions, $14)

In a novel based on her true story, Jeri Estes takes us to the 1960s in San Francisco's red-light Tenderloin district, the original gay ghetto before the Castro.

Estes's ingenue, Jesse, leaves her suburban town to make a name for herself, only to fall into prostitution in the gritty Tenderloin. With over-the-top characters, witty dialogue, and funny situations, the intensity of the world in which she takes the reader will be sure to entertain and educate. Populated with hookers, butch pimps, ringers, feminine tricks, and more, this book is a guaranteed guilty pleasure. A must-read!
(Wordsmith Productions)

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