Memories of JFK From His Gay Best Friend

President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas 50 years ago, leaving behind a mourning nation and his gay best friend, Lem Billings.



Lem and Bobby, Waterville Valley, N.H., circa 1967

“'When Bobby joined the political fray, no one was happier than Lem. For many other Americans as well, Bobby became the last best hope for resurrecting Camelot, for a return to the kind of liberal idealism that Jack had epitomized. Bobby's decision to pick up Jack's torch was important to Lem as well. But above all, Bobby was very important to Lem personally. Although Jack and Bobby were of different temperaments — Jack, detached and cerebral, Bobby, intense and emotional — Lem saw so much of Jack in Bobby. He wanted to be with him, to be a part of whatever he wanted to do to continue Jack's legacy.” (Page 276)