The Best Female Video Game Characters for Gay Players

LGBT video game players have long gravitated to female avatars for their outside status (just ask Looking's Patrick). Here are the fiercest feminist stars to ever rock a Sega Genesis.




On HBO's Looking, about three gay friends in San Francisco, Jonathan Groff plays Patrick, an earnest video game designer. Patrick made a very astute observation on a recent episdode after he chided his gay boss (Russell Tovey) for creating a game without any female avatars, adding that he preferred playing as female video game characters himself. "Why do you play as a woman?" Kevin asked. "Maybe it is because I'm gay but not for the reason you might think," Patrick responded. "Women are the outsiders in games and I relate to that. Gay people get it."

We sure do. Female video game characters helped shape many of our childhoods, especially the gays of Generation X and Y. Thanks to Sega, Nintendo, Xbox, and the corner arcade, we lived vicariously through dozens of digital divas, but these remain the best:

Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man series 
Regardless of whether or not you were playing arcade games in the 1980s, you're sure to have spent countless hours trying to capture power pellets as Ms. Pac-Man. She's credited with getting numerous women interested in gaming, and the addictive series has become one of the most famous franchises in history.

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