Steven Weber Plays the Political Card

Actor Steven Weber one-ups even Larry Craig and J. Edgar Hoover (at least the version depicted in Oliver Stone’s JFK) as a sinister-and-sleazy-beneath-the-surface politician in writer-director Luke Eberl’s drama Choose Connor.




Have any of your Huffington Post entries gotten you
into trouble so far?
Because I’m a tiny fish -- I’m not
even a fish, I’m krill in the pond -- most
people really could give a shit about my political views.
They just hate my untethered metaphors, my
out-of-control bad writing. Being vain, I always read
the comments from readers, and one led me to a particularly
virulent right-wing blog site, a woman I will not name, and
she’s a great writer. Really acid-tongued,
facile, and proficient and hates my guts. Really hates
me -- mostly for my crummy writing! That’s really the
only trouble I’ve gotten into. For my excessive

You’re such a Hollywood liberal, aren’tcha? You can call me a liberal if you want ... I
prefer that I’m a truth-er.

What do you think of California’s Proposition 8? I think that’s utter total fucking
nonsense. It’s ridiculous. It’s another
dumb-ass, dare I say -- I’m a Jew, so I have to throw
this in for fairness -- Judeo-Christian ...
it’s a crazy construct. It’s crafted by
people who hate their constituents, ultimately.
They’re trying to bring the dialogue down to
the lowest level, where people can only go
“no” or “ugh” or
“yeah.” It doesn’t incite real dialogue
at all. Clearly I’m against it because
it’s madness.

Do you discuss politics with your two children? They watched Obama’s acceptance [during
the DNC] and we used to have a “Bush Is a
Douchebag” sticker on my car. I had to take it off
because I was accosted by some guy who wanted to fight
me. My wife said, ‘take the fucking sticker

If there were a sequel to Jeffrey today, where
would the character be?
He would look virtually the same, because
Jeffrey was very vain, as I am, and fit. He would have
moved on from Steve to a longtime, very stable
relationship with an older but fit guy with salt-and-pepper

A silver daddy. Is that what they’re called these days? I
am a gay icon, but I’ve been out of the loop
for ages.

I noticed you’ve been playing a lot of creeps
lately, like in the horror film Farmhouse.
Farmhouse. [Laughs] Don’t ever see that
movie; it’s a terrible movie. The phase I’m in
is I’m playing pricks in a suit. I’ve
been doing that for several years now and quite successfully
in Studio 60,Law and Order. I did four episodes of
Without a Trace this season, again playing
pricks in suits. It’s good because I wear nice
suits. They’re expensive.

Are you going to play Karl Rove next? Or Himmler? Karl Rove ... no. Farmhouse was my last
venture into horror films. Himmler is basically a Karl Rove
in a cooler uniform. I’ve gone on to say the
Bush administration has a lot in common with the
Fascist machine that started in 1920s Germany. A very
insidious, slow drip into the German culture. They
were elected into office and made slow gradual
changes, and then suddenly ... a beep signifying World War

Would you like to don a sweater or polo and play a
nice gay guy sometime down the line?
When people get sick of me playing authoritative
pricks, my next incarnation will be playing lovable
uncles. The ”bachelor” uncle.

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