Vincent isn’t surprised to hear about Victor’s reaction, but does point out that when away from his twin, Victor happily opens up about the topic and is, in Vincent’s opinion, “more or less gay.”

What about the twins-as-incestuous lovers aspect, the eroticized mirror image? Incest between twins and siblings has occasionally been explored in fiction and films like 2005’s Brothers of the Head (those were Siamese twins to boot) and Brazilian director Aluisio Abranches’s upcoming From Beginning to End. Yet for all the gay men who search for a carbon copy, and the touchy-feely nature of the Carrils’ own relationship (even the famed fighting, a confused vehicle for expressing love), the reality of twins getting it on sexually isn’t attractive to them.

Victor dubbed it “absurd, and can only be a fantasy of people who do not have a twin in their lives.” As for Alexandre? “It’s an interesting question,” he replied, “because today’s young people are obsessed with their own image. It’s a very narcissistic society and a lot of people we meet admit to having a fantasy of having their own twin because they want to have sex with themselves. But at the end of the Narcissus myth he dies by drowning in his own image.”
After Hand was completed, the Carrils quit their well-known brawling -- their parents proffer endless thanks to Vincent -- perhaps due to reconciling their inherent differences, sexual and otherwise, through and along with their on-screen alter egos. Currently at work on a documentary about Japan’s iconic transvestite entertainer Akihiro Miwa, and a sophomore narrative feature about a French exchange student in Ireland (based on his own experiences studying abroad at 16), Vincent sees the Carrils as his “little brothers” and sexual involvement with either or both as incest. Although, getting back to that twins fantasy, he didn’t always feel so averse to the idea -- to say the least.

“The main reason I wanted to make a film about them is I think they’re so damn hot!” he confesses with a grin. “If there were only one of them, I would have made a film about him anyway. The bonus is there are two. And after the film I was more in love with them than ever. Whenever I meet them on the street nowadays I go, ‘those are my lovely twins.’”

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