Where to Find Great Gay Action

It's on screen at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Fest where you can see the buddy action comedy Hot Guys With Guns and James Franco's Interior. Leather Bar. Here are three films not to miss.


  UPDATED: April 30 2013 9:08 PM ET


Valentine Road

This riveting documentary looks at the killing of Larry King, an effeminate middle school student who was killed by a classmate in 2008. The film features interviews with friends and family members of King and of his killer, Brandon McInerney, as well as the teacher who, in many ways, bore the brunt the blame for the incident (wrongly so, many would say). There are some shocking details and heartwarming rememberances intwined, as director Marta Cunningham deftly unpacks the story from the moment of the shooting. A masterful documentary if ever there was one. Sunday, 5:30 p.m. at Miami Cinematheque.

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