The Films of NewFest 2013

New York's premier LGBT film festival celebrates its 25th anniversary with a diverse and compelling collection of narratives, documentaries, shorts, and parties.



Pit Stop
Saturday, September 7, 7 p.m.
Venue: Walter Reade Theater

The modest lives of two rugged Texans intertwine in Yen Tan’s refreshingly grounded, quietly sexy Pit Stop. A 2009 Outfest Screenwriting Lab project that blossomed into a 2013 Sundance darling, Tan’s yarn moves through a blue-collar town, observing the relationship between a handsome contractor named Gabe (Bill Heck) and his ex-wife. Shannon (Amy Seimetz, Upstream Color). and daughter. Across town, Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) ignores his flagging relationship with a much younger man and sits vigil at the bedside of an ailing ex. When Ernesto and Gabe meet unexpectedly one day at a local gas station, a connection forms that has the potential to alter both of their lives for good. In his touching follow-up to Ciao, writer-director Yen Tan provides an evocative glimpse into the everyday lives of two Southern men seeking love and affection over aching solitude. As far from the beaten path as its protagonists, this dreamy feature is a different kind of love story with depth, clarity, and no shortage of sexual tension. Winner of Grand Jury Award for Best Actor(s) at 2013 Outfest Los Angeles.


The Last Match
Saturday, Septmeber 7, 11 p.m.
Venue: Walter Reade Theater

Reinier works as a call boy in order to support his wife and child, but he ends up gambling most of his money away. Sex with men is strictly business until he befriends a cute soccer player named Yosvani, who works for his girlfriend’s father, a corrupt debt collector. When Reinier’s gambling habit gets him in serious trouble, Yosvani tries to convince Reinier to run away with him. Set in the bustling streets of Cuba, The Last Match offers a visceral romance rife with unexpected turns and dangerous temptations.

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