Hot Sheet: Too Much Is Never Enough

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: from a liberated Liberace to Bluth family values.



5. BOOK: The S-Word
You'll either love or hate Chelsea Pitcher's debut young adult novel, The S-Word, so polarizing is the disjointed narrative style and relentless pace. We're in the "love it" camp, in part because Pitcher explores the deeply relevant issues of slut shaming, teen suicide, bullying, and sexuality from the dual perspective of the journals of a dead girl (who was labeled a slut after a unfortunate encounter, was bullied, and then committed suicide) and her somewhat culpable best friend. It's poignant and heartbreaking but also a page-turner, an issue book wrapped up in a mystery thriller that'll make teens (and young adults especially) think long and hard. The S-Word is the perfect addition to a canon of work around issues that affect LGBT teens greatly, including the film Bully and the It Gets Better Project. (Simon & Schuster, $8) See the book trailer here.

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